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VERA & WILLIAM sustainable clothes that respect the nature

VERA & WILLIAM sustainable clothes that respect the nature

Norwegian brand with sustainable clothes established in 1999

Available in Italy at Modern showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Vera & William. Vera & William is a Norwegian brand established in 1999, with a focus to create high-quality and sustainable clothes in pure and clean natural materials like Merino wool, silk and cotton. The sustainable clothes are good for the shifting seasons and climate of Scandinavia. The designs are traditional and timeless essentials for both every day and delicate use. Vera & William pays close attention to the origin and value of the clothes they produce. That’s why we of modern showroom are targeting this brand.  

Vera & William has a high focus to create high quality, functional garments meant to last. They make underwear and stockings based on Scandinavian heritage, history and values. With de designs, the clothes provide an urban and elegant alternative. The production takes place in local traditional factories in the north of Italy. The production is not for masses but for a smaller public that wants to have an honest piece of work, good quality garments and the value of craftmanship. The clothes are checked and tested multiple times during the production process. Vera & William makes each garment with love and affection in respect of nature. The philosophy behind Vera & William is to recreate authentic garments from the past. The time when clothes had purely a function and were meant to last for a long time. Vera & William wants to sell garments you have to desire and garments to fall in love with. The thought behind this is that because you have to desire and fall in love with the clothes, the clothes will receive more care and nurturing, which will result in the garment lasting longer. 

https://modernshowroom.com/portfolio/vera-william/ , http://modernshowroom.com/ , https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=sustainable+clothes

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