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Vera & William is a clothing brand founded with a clear mission: to create high-quality garments from natural materials. Also with a focus on both comfort and sustainability. The brand was established in 1999 by a designer who was tired of the hectic world of the fashion industry. And yearned for more peace and authenticity.

The beginning

It all began with a vision to create clothing. That was not only beautiful but also had a positive impact on the environment and the community. Vera & William focused on using high-quality natural materials. And traditional craftsmanship to create garments that nurture and protect the body, regardless of the season.

The brand bases its collections on traditional Scandinavian models, offering clothing suitable for both daytime and evening wear, year-round. Each garment is crafted with care and respect for nature. Aiming to provide the best of the best to its customers.

Slow fashion

But Vera & William goes beyond just making clothing It’s a movement that advocates for slower consumption and a greater awareness of the impact our clothing choices. Have on the world around us. By opting for local production in ‘slow-fashion’ hubs in northern Italy. The brand contributes to the preservation of traditional artisanal traditions and a sustainable future for the industry.

With nostalgic underwear and stockings, inspired by Scandinavian heritage and history. Vera & William offers an alternative to synthetic and shapeless garments. Their emphasis on authentic details, genuine craftsmanship, and pure quality makes them a favorite among those. Who value comfort, style, and sustainability.

Vera & William is not just a clothing brand. It’s a movement that calls attention to the way we consume clothing and the impact it has on our world. With every purchase, you contribute to a better future, where ethics, sustainability, and quality take precedence.

Vera & William focuses on creating clothing that is accessible to a wide audience. They aim to provide everyone with good underwear and clothing, regardless of age, gender, or background. Their mission is to offer high-quality garments that are comfortable and sustainable. So that everyone can equip themselves with clothing of high quality while simultaneously contributing to a better environment.

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