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October 17, 2017 by Modern Press Brands, Spring Summer 0



The Italian brand, Bag’s Hunter presents her new collection of leather bags and accessories in Modern Showroom.

Entirely handmade, this collection made in Italy offer to you some prestigious and rare leather in classic and modern colours.

All of the bags and accessories are made in a noble, rare and then expensive leather. Thus, the high quality and the perfect cutting, twisting and finishing of these exceptional products made them luxury goods.

The materials that Bag’s Hunter use, are, indeed, the most resistant leather in the world.  That’s why the goods looks amazing even after a few years.

The collection with clean lines and well-kept in the details, is designed to be a tool for daily use in every occasion that focuses on convenience by combining style and luxury.

The  company give also attention to straps, because they are the first bearers of the weight.

Thanks to their knowledge and their creativity, the Italian brand were elected and presented at The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring / summer 2017.

Book an appointment and come have a look of these exceptional bags in Modern Showroom.

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