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WEARABLE STORIES, sophisticated and timeless clothes

WEARABLE STORIES, sophisticated and timeless clothes

Belgium sustainable brand

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Wearable Stories. Wearable Stories is a Belgium brand, established in 2014. They create sophisticated and timeless clothes that will last for a lifetime. Wearable Stories makes their designs with passion and integrity and believe that timeless clothes should make someone feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothes. Furthermore, they have high values when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Wearable Stories pays a lot of attention to details in their designs. In addition, they want the people who buy their clothes to feel good and special. The mission of Wearable Stories is to create clothes that add color and vibrancy to your everyday story, clothes that enhances your authentic self and clothes that radiate true confidence. That is why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

They want that people bring out the best in themselves and let their unique personality guide their own narrative. Wearable Stories designs their clothes in Antwerp. They value sustainability and produce their clothes with sustainable materials. They only work with ethical factories to ensure that the clothes have a good quality and last long. The clothes are produced in Portugal, Italy, Romania and Poland. Wearable Stories thinks it is very important that they involve themselves in the manufacturing process and know the producers and workers and visit them regularly. And, ensures that producers and contractors follow all applicable labor laws and guidelines involving the employee well-being.

Wearable Stories strives for sustainability in the fashion industry. They are dedicated to promoting sustainability and make a positive influence on the fashion industry. Wearable Stories strives to use recycled, sustainable and earth friendly fabrics. Wearable Stories makes timeless garments made from high quality materials. They create different kinds of designs. For example, classic items and comfortable items. All the materials from the clothes are ethical and they partner with traditional garment workshops.

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