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The founder of WLO

Omar Reda

Omar Reda was Born in Gallarate the 26/10/1984. After following in the family footsteps by attending hotel studies,

He finds Himself having no more reason for what he did, so he decided to return to what has always been, his passion for drawing.

From there begin his work path. He decided to combine what his work Is to garments, to create something unique never seen before.

After months of research of fabrics and in the work of graphic arts;

he decided to launch through his message his personal clothing line, the WLO®.

With the right knowledge through a conception of identity in which one

identifies oneself as holders of one’s own destiny what is our true nature Is fulfilled.

Research that must start from inside within the realism of all daily actions,

that leads us to unload our faults on false myths handed down for generation.

A balance that must be found, an evolution of the  individual for a real change that each of us Will feel and understand .

Require understanding through the suffering that Is shaped in a future not oriented by ego,

union with collective respect. Simple things for a better world.

As in nature It needs darkness dark Is new life and what is the end Is beginning again.

Every day through commitment and dedication we love to create emotions for our customers.

Getting to something bigger than the individual, this is our belief and our way of being.

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Website brand: https://wlowave.com/


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