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Wood Belt, sustainable belts

Wood Belt, sustainable belts

Combining fashionable design, good quality materials, innovation, passion and love for our planet into sustainable belts


We want to introduce you our new brand Wood Belt. Wood Belt is a brand from Slovenia. Moreover, they strongly believe in every personal choice you make and want to make a difference and impact. First, they developed Impact Design which is a design and production method for maximized products and services with a positive impact. Based on this new technology, the team developed patented sustainable belts. Most importantly, pays Wood Belt a lot of attention to how the products are made and all the product are from good quality. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

Wood Belt is a fusion of elegance and sustainability, a brand that connects style and responsibility in the most exquisite way. Furthermore, Wood Belt has been making waves in the fashion industry due to it’s unique wooden accessories – fashion-forward and eco-friendly. They embrace the art of crafting wooden accessories, from belts to sunglasses and more. Wood Belt’s motto is to feel good, look good and do good. Where fashion meets nature.

Wood Belt’s first logo in 2019 combined a wooden sign with a red NO and green ON. Firstly, The red NO symbolizes the rejection of violence. Secondly, the green ON represents the belt’s suitability for people with metal allergies. In 2023, Wood Belt updated its logo to better fit the fashion industry while still holding its values. Wood Belt not only focuses on creating stylish belts but also invests its profits to support underserved groups, aligning with the United Nations sustainable development goal of gender equality.

Artisans in Slovenia craft the belts. Plus, the production and sale follow the principles of Fair-Trade set by the WFTO. Wood Belt is truly building a community that empathizes with society’s challenges. Furthermore, Wood Belt also supports United Nations sustainable development goal (SDG) number 15. Wood Belt has named different collections after the most known world national parks and, 1 Euro from each product is donated or invested in a project to impact nature in national parks worldwide.

The signature aesthetic from the designs is about natural, warm tones and organic texture. They create the pieces of wood, a material that adds an earthy charm and is also eco-conscious. Wood Belt designs are casual, formal and, a versatile addition to a wardrobe. Moreover, the wooden products add a touch of nature to your ensemble, making your look distinct. Whether you’re going for a casual, boho look or a sophisticated appearance, Wood Belt has the perfect accessory to complete your outfit. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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