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X-Rux, innovative shoes

X-Rux, innovative shoes

Light, flexibel and innovative shoes with a special sole

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand X-Rux. X-Rux is an Italian brand that produces innovative shoes. The motto of X-Rux is ‘’the freedom to choose one’s own path, to create new journeys, in the city as in fashion’’. X-Rux wants people to inspire to follow your instinct, always be yourself, choose your own path, choose your own style and be yourself. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

Firstly, X-Rux makes all the soles from Whippy®. Whippy® is a revolutionary material in terms of composition, manufacturing and performance. This unique compound, created by combining two different polyurethane (PU) processes, guarantees an impeccable fit and a profound sense of comfort. The exceptional performance of X-RUX sneakers lies in their remarkable lightness, flexibility, and cushioning. This embraces and supports the foot, making every model truly essential. Furthermore, Whippy® technology provides exceptional resistance to abrasion and impressive durability over time, ensuring that these fashion sneakers are incredibly reliable and long-lasting.

 X-Rux uses the made in Italy label. This label is a crucial foundation for X-Rux. It’s not just about where the sneakers are produced, but it represents a cultural and expertise platform for the brand. This platform allows X-Rux to stay innovate and experiment with technical and technological advancements. Moreover, it also enables the brand to introduce new and refined elements from a stylistic perspective. Because of the label every single component and production phase of the sneakers are crafted in Italy. Each product gets a lot of attention to detail, becomes a physical embodiment of the deep product culture, passion, and long technical know-how upheld by the founders of X-Rux and the “Made in Italy” tradition.

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