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was born in Asturias by Rosa María Roces Zapico,  Yolanda Roces Zapico and Silvia Barbón Roces 

3 women from the same family, so different and complementary while each one contributes something to the project.

 After dedicating years to the world of administration, they decide that it is time to create a brand that identifies a woman with personality, who creates her own style, who knows how to appreciate a job well done and for whom age is merely a number.

Before beginning this adventure, they travel through several European countries, visiting fairs to select the best fabrics and natural leathers, carefully selecting their quality and origin.

The risky design and its fabrics is what defines its collections, mixing classic fabrics with other innovative ones, thus uniting past and present, comfort with its good pattern design and the diversity of fabrics are mixed in garments with an artisanal flavor creating outerwear with its own identity.

Garments created by and for women with the seal of good dress from the north, and entirely made in Spain.

In all his collections there is some brushstroke of his, Asturias known for its green landscapes and coal entrails, because they will never forget their roots.

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