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Italian Leather Jacket

Italian Leather Jacket

will know one of the best makers in Solofra in provence of Avellino

It all began with father Vicenzo who arrived in Solofra, which is known for it’s leather industry, around 1980. He started his business building close partnerships with the most important raw and finished leather tanning companies for clothing and leather goods. Vicenzo had a strong love for the art of tanning and he influenced his children with his passion for the sector. Later, Assia and Pasquale, took the logical step of joining their father’s company. In the last years they are in charge of Delp and leading the company to an evolution and diversification in the field of product quality and respect for the environment. 

During the years they gained a lot through research and new technologies, but despite this the company never lost its attachment to tradition. On the contrary, it has preserved this aspect through the craftmanship of each item and the search for raw materials that respect the precept and taste of Italian leather goods of the past.

At the moment their collection offers a wide range of leather jackets for women and a handful of styles for men too. Discover more of Delp at Modern Showroom!

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