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Italian Sunglasses

Italian Sunglasses

Influenced by iconic designs brand name is SOLART

Solart is an Italian sunglass brand represented by Modern Showroom. The brand can be identified by three simple words: lightness, color and elegance. Solart is driven by passion and competence and forms a committed player in the world of eyewear since 2019. The sunglasses are made in Italy through Italian craftmanship, thus they guarantee quality  and a product that is suitable for everyone, without losing sight of their strong personality. “Functional like the day, philosophical and precious like a thought in the moonlight.”

The close bonds with Cadore corporations, who have a lot of knowledge and experience in the production of handcrafted eyewear, had granted them to find suitable solutions that are most suitable to communicate the concept of functional design: useful, beautiful and practical. 

Vintage specifics influenced by iconic designs of the pas are one of the features of Solart’s eyewear collection.

Retro-inspired frames that are highly diverse in profile and charming specifics, a modern function highlighted by a fascinating blend of colors and design elements, organic motives reinterpreted in a practical way but with unexpected creativity.

For who?

Solart’s targetgroup is a heterogeneous and demanding public, which is fond of contrasts, unexpected solutions and is not afraid to stand out, to dare, but does this in style. A costumer that has affinity with details, quality and product ethics. 

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