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Out of all the innovations that have been introduced lately into the Fashion Industry, we can certainly state that the new fabrics used by Ziza are by far the most revolutionary.

Ziza wants to keep fashion and quality. Then, the brand use a new fabric which is revolutionizing the fashion industry, the pineapple.

The new collection is made up in an innovative textile. Made in pineapple leaf fibres, the new fabric is 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan and sustainable. Infact, a perfect alternative to leather.

While the new leather doesn’t harm animals, it also has clear advantages for the environment. Indeed, compared both with real leather and to other synthetic leathers.

Then, the new collection is made with original shapes and classic, timeless and unisex colours.

In addition, the models are versatile, you can modify their appearance through the shoulder straps and interchangeable handles made of natural ropes that allow you to customize each bag and create a more unique style.

Is it hard to imagine? By the way, you need to book an appointment and come have a look at the incredible bags in person!

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