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The new collection of Zympala is first of all a tribute to Africa.

The company has given itself the mission to be Africa ’s ambassador around the world by espousing values identified with the continent such as determination, authenticity and giving back.

Zympala has revealed the authentically African source of inspiration for this distinctive piece of clothing. Indeed, the designer, Mireille MPERE has drawn from her roots and her deep love for nature to design this garment whose originality never ceases to surprise and to amaze.

Then, the new men and women collection, offers a large palette of colours. All garments are tailored and smart.
So, be elegant and comfortable in any situation in order play out your influential role.

In addition to having a traditional storytelling and a modern design, the brand created a foundation. This one contributes to the education of African young girls.
In fact, it providing them the opportunity to learn trades and expand their roles in society and within their community.

Well, then, join the Zympala ambassador and book a showroom appointment in Modern Showroom.

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