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February 18, 2019 by Modern Press Autumn Winter, Fashion Brands 0

Rouba G – An Ode to Femininity

Rouba G – An Ode to Femininity

The self-titled brand of Rouba G provides clothing that emphasizes femininity and individuality. Through flowing fabrics, to lace and leather, all collections take pride in womanhood. After graduating from Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design in England, with a Vogue Fashion Certificate, Rouba G hit the ground running. However, she faced multiple rounds of rejection for being “off-beat.” That being said, in 2015 Rouba G decided to create her own brand.

That being said, their most recent collection, “Earth,” pays homage to the beautiful neutral colors. However, “Earth” also focuses on the environmental dangers and impacts of recent years. With the description reminding those of the loss of color in our world and our environment. The collection is as described, “a call to save a fading planet.” Considering the state of the world’s environment, many public figures are taking stances in order to help save the environment. Therefore, this collection highlights such beauty of what used to be Earth. The garments flow and have movement, just as the ways of nature. Select dresses have embellishments that sparkle the way water does when it hits the light. Within the “Earth” collection, each garment was carefully crafted and thought out. Rouba G’s call to save the planet has surely not gone unnoticed.

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